Future Ticketing enables clients to gather a lot of data, but it is what you do with it that counts.

At Future Ticketing we help event organisers, brands and agencies to collect and measure the purchasing behaviour of customers. The opportunity to know your buyer from first purchase, to turnstile, to engagement at the event, is priceless.

This single, powerful view enabled by third-party partner systems can revolutionise conversion and entice repeat business.

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  • Gather data – time and date of purchase, distance from venue, pre-event upselling and communications
  • Analyse conversions and referrals via
    Google, Twitter, Meta and more
  • Easily integrate multiple
  • CRM platforms to create and segment your target audience
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During event

  • View live scanning data
  • Send Push Notifications via the Digital Ticketing App to encourage retail and F&B purchases
  • Track customer entry by entrance,
    turnstile, scanner and time of entry
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  • Automatically send post-event
    information such as surveys or
    early bird offers to next event
  • Use integrated platforms such as
    Activity Stream and Two Circles to
    analyse customer data
  • Use analysis of event and customer data to understand
    your audience and build
    deeper relationships

In this section

Create a Data eco-system

The Future Ticketing dashboard makes tracking and collecting customer data easy.

In order to make good use of all the data you collect you have the option to avail of our in-house Customer CRM tool or benefit from the multiple CRM integrations across the Future Ticketing platform.

Link your CRM system with an email marketing tool, such as Mailchimp, Activity Stream or Campaign Monitor, to help you automate the flow of customers who may opt-in for future campaigns.

Easily implement our Javascript code for Pixel Tracking or Pixel Tracking Image(s) to track “open: and “conversation” rates of customers.

Additionally, track your conversions and pay-per-click (across) the full purchase journey of your customers through Universal Analytics, Meta Business Suite, Twitter analytics or the many other integrations we have available.

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Using sales activity data to inform your future planning and interaction with customers is proven to increase revenue and sales. We offer convenient integrations with a number of analytics partners, including Activity Stream, FullTime Analytics and Two Circles, to help you analyse your audience and their buying patterns. Our built-in FT CRM system manages your customer accounts, and generates customer activity reports based on a number of variables, including buying patterns and previous purchases. It also projects a “lifetime customer value”. Additionally, clean your data using our in-built edit functionality, and de-dupe customers with multiple email addresses using our “merge accounts” functionality. Book a demo
Our open REST API enables a full integration with our various EPOS and retail partners. This allows Future Ticketing to provide you with an end-to-end solution for selling tickets, merchandise, hospitality and so much more. Enhance the customer experience and boost revenue by offering other items for sale together with tickets. For example:
  • Barcodes
  • QR codes
  • Multi-QR code ticket
  • RFID
  • External barcodes
  • Any one-day barcode
  • Seasonal or Annual barcodes/QRcodes
Everything is available for sale online, 24/7, generating revenue before your event, and easing in-person queues and queries on the day. This maximises your opportunities to up-sell and significantly increase the spend-per-head in advance of your event. Some of our analytics, email, CRM and e-commerce partners. Smooth and easy integrations via our REST API: Book a demo

Analytics partners


We guarantee a straightforward integration via our REST API with numerous analytics, email, CRM and e-commerce partners.