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The Future Ticketing dashboard continues to automate the traditional workload of ticket offices, enabling clubs to digitalise and modernise their current ticket offering and processes but also repurpose and educate their teams on the importance of data collection to drive fan engagement and analysis and ease of purchase for customers.

Our flexible solution unlocks next generation fan data insights placing the fan at the centre of the buying experience.

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Intuitive and streamlined

Sell tickets online or off and generate tickets in a format that suits you:

  • E-tickets
  • Digital tickets via a bespoke, branded Progressive Web App (PWA)
  • Membership cards
  • Printed tickets
  • Barcodes on wristbands or other methods

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Our open REST API technology allows you to integrate multiple applications with your ticket office. The customer can make multiple purchases in a single transaction of:
  • Tickets
  • Merchandise
  • Hospitality
  • Parking
  • Upselling /cross-selling products
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Create your branded Digital Ticketing app within the Future Ticketing dashboard. 

The Digital Ticketing app is a browser based web application which allows customers to create an account, access tickets with ease, store tickets on their Apple and Google wallets and share tickets with their friends and family.

As an API first company, Future Ticketing also developed the corresponding API calls to enable our APP partners to utilise the functionality of the
Digital Ticketing App within their own native apps.

One of the key USP’s of the Digital Ticketing App is the ability to track ticketing sharing. For example sponsor tables of ten, a customer can share
the nine tickets with their friends by entering the email address of
each of the attendees. Likewise with group tickets, the
organisation now knows each ticket holder within their stadium.

Future Ticketing currently has app integrations with Attractions.io
and ULNK. Due to the OPEN REST API however, our clients can
choose their app partner of choice and integrate their ticketing
functionality into their app.

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Your dashboard lets you create multi-barcodes or layered barcodes for different scanning entry points such as car park, venue access and hospitality on the same ticket, card or wristband.

All scanning reporting is available within your Future Ticketing dashboard live to your mobile phone. 

Print your tickets with Future Ticketing, at any time, directly to a thermal ticket printer or membership card printer. Or go fully digital and utilise paperless ticketing via e-tickets or a Progressive Web App.

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Managing customer queries can be time-consuming and cumbersome. Future Ticketing cuts through the noise and helps you immediately find what you’re looking for to resolve issues quickly and effectively. Search for orders in numerous ways including by:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Postcode
  • Parking
  • Order ID
  • Barcode number
  • Seat number
  • Account Number
What if the customer gets in touch to say they can’t find their ticket?Not a problem.

You can easily locate, and even pre-empt customer issues such as e-tickets that were not delivered due to an incorrectly input email address, or anything related to the customer’s email account, by using our email bounce table.

Post-event the Future Ticketing system allows you to easily complete reconciliation using an integrated payment processor, even if tickets have been refunded or cancelled during the event.

Getting important information to customers in a timely, efficient fashion pre and post-event gives you a handle on customer queries. Use the Future Ticketing, automatic email function to communicate directly to your customer. This feature not only reduces the number of customer queries, but it can also be invaluable on the day of the event to assist with areas such as access control and gathering direct customer feedback.

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We have done the heavy lifting for you and created over 60 standard reports on the Future Ticketing dashboard. The intuitive user interface also makes it easy for you to generate your own bespoke reports. Some examples of standard reports you can run are by:
  • Date
  • Event and/or product
  • Individual
  • Payment method
  • User
  • Individual scanner
  • User and payment type (e.g.: online, offline, renewal)
  • Orders renewed
  • Orders not renewed
If needed, control Ticket Sellers’ access to the reporting feature according to:
  • Full access
  • Add order and sales
  • Cash desk
  • Call centre staff
  • Reporting only
You can also create a bespoke permission type to limit or grant access to each user or add an expiry date of access to casual staff. Book a demo
Within the Future Ticketing dashboard, there are various ways that you can create orders including:
  • Allow customers to share tickets with friends and family members
  • Generate digital etickets in your branded ticketing app
  • Use the “Add Order” section to create orders with customer look-up
  • Upload orders and generate tickets using the “Bulk Upload” feature
  • Quickly process walk-up orders using the cash desk for on-the-day sales
Offering customers alternative ways to process their payment is now essential given their “purchase anywhere” behaviour. Future Ticketing has you covered by including the option to:
  • Apple Pay and Google Pay
  • Take partial payments
  • Take multiple payments
  • Integrate with EPOS units
  • Sell through cloud-based capacity
  • Print cards, e-tickets and paper tickets
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The Future Ticketing dashboard has been developed with the flexibility to manage the span of small individual events to large scale activities and fixtures with complex ticket types, and heavy demand. Our “Queue-It” online queueing system will ensure you do not lose valuable customers that are waiting to buy. And our adaptable cloud-capacity tackles those eager fans all trying to buy at once while also ensuring your website infrastructure remains protected. Book a demo

Uncover new revenue streams and increase spend-per-head through ancillary sales.

You can easily use your Future Ticketing dashboard to entice further purchases.

Sell tours, summer camps, hospitality, merchandise, sponsorships and gift vouchers via one single customer journey. The data collection opportunities enables you to analyse your customer base and grow to new customers and markets.

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At Future Ticketing we are a team of former ticket office managers, commercial and sponsorship managers. We define ourselves as experts with deep experience in event organisation, software development, ticketing and client relations across events around the world. We specialise in football, rugby, horse-racing, agricultural shows, visitor attractions, outdoor music gigs, and venues. Our goal is to create the most flexible ticketing system to suit, and surpass your needs and help you achieve your long-term goals. To do this we develop relentlessly and combine our expertise with valued client feedback. Book a demo
We have a proven track record of increasing ticket sales by an average of 15%. We digitally transform businesses to successfully increase online ticket sales by up to 90%, and diversify clients’ sales and revenue channels to be used as part of the ticketing process. Book a demo

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