Reporting & Finance


Reporting & Finance

Your revenue is your revenue, that’s why Future Ticketing pays out after three working days, unlike our competitors who defer payment until after the event. We understand that the wheels of business need to be continuously oiled with revenue to keep them turning, and we stand with business owners. Our platform is designed to give you a comprehensive view of your finances and ensure a quick and easy buying experience for your customers.

Progress Card payments live within your Future Ticketing dashboard using FT Payment Terminals. 

The wifi powered device links directly to your Future Ticketing dashboard reducing administration for your ticket office but also enabling customers to pay by card, Apple Pay or Google Pay. 

The Future Ticketing financial reporting suite allows you to
reconcile in numerous ways across multiple sales types including:

  • By payment type
  • By fees (postage, booking etc)
  • By payment method
  • Advance payments
  • Partial payments
  • Failed payments
  • Incorrect card details
  • Transaction activity
  • Refund reports
  • Subscription payment flows

We understand your financial teams may have their own way of reconciling payments. We have got you covered. Run your reports by ticket type, by event or by month-end.

Integrate your payment processor into our system or choose from the numerous payment processors we partner with. You can then cancel and refund tickets allowing clean reconciliation of your events using our report suite.

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In addition to finance we have a full suite of reports to guide you with planning and marketing. Check out some of the reporting fields by:
  • Total sales
  • Recent orders
  • Date (date-range, event, time-slot, payment type etc)
  • Event
  • Product (merchandise, hospitality, parking etc)
  • User
  • Customer
  • Ticket type
  • Promotion or voucher types
  • Cancelled or non-redeemed order
  • Donation
  • Scanner
  • Seating plan (area and/or customer)
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Ticket Store is an app hosted on the Clover App Market for Clover Epos solutions. The app which integrates seamlessly with your Future Ticketing dashboard allowing you to sell your products and events via Clover EPOS devices including Flex, Station Duo, Mini, Mobile, and Station.

Within the app you can Sell, Redeem, Reprint and Collect barcoded tickets, which are printed straight from the device on single use receipt paper reducing queues and workload on event day.

Users can also limit access to ticket types or events using user permissions. For customers this ensures a quick and easy purchase on event day. For users, as an API integrated solution, all transactions will feed directly into the Future Ticketing dashboard allowing for a single source of transaction reporting and capacity management.

Read more on our Clover integration here:

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We guarantee a straightforward integration via our REST API with numerous analytics, email, CRM and e-commerce partners.