API & Integration


API & Integration

Future Ticketing enables our clients to create their own experience and data ecosystem. Our API First approach means each feature and function within the Future Ticketing dashboard is also available as an API call to share data, content and capacity across your preferred platforms.

Our market-leading, next-generation API and software infrastructure drives differentiation in product performance, replacing legacy ticketing systems.

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API First

  • Embed our code into your website with ease
  • Zero additional costs for website development
  • Design your own customer journey with our Open Rest API
  • Sell on other websites using the embed code
  • Embed single events or multiple events

Whether you are running your website and event solo or working as part of a larger team with access to web developers, we are on hand to support you with our knowledge and experience.

It is our goal at Future Ticketing to help you optimise your ticketing operations, increase your customer engagement and boost your sales and revenue.

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Our open RESTful API enables complete integration with our EPOS and retail partners, providing a complete solution of selling tickets, merchandise or meals. Case study: Galway Races has integrated Future Ticketing into its website alongside its website partner Armour. Armour has developed a user interface for Galway Races with all ticketing software tasks fulfilled by Future Ticketing.

Case Study

Jockey Club Racecourses

Future Ticketing’s API ticketing infrastructure has been rolled out across the Jockey Club’s 15 racecourses and will cater for up to 2 million people who attend the race meetings each year. The technology has already successfully delivered a seamless service for three of the major festivals of the racing calendar in 2023 at the Cheltenham Festival, the Aintree Grand National Festival, and the Derby Festival at Epsom Downs.

Stockport County

Future Ticketing’s high preforming API has enabled Stockport County to create a bespoke UX for their fans. The linked marketing research project also seen the integration of Activity Stream as the clubs preferred email marketing and data analytics tool. 

The partnership of Future Ticketing and Stockport meant throughout their growth period, the agile nature of Future Ticketing enabled Stockport to grow and continue to achieve their goals year on year.