Clover Ticket Store Integration

Ticket Store is a Future Ticketing powered Clover App which integrates seamlessly with your Future Ticketing dashboard allowing you to sell your products and events via Clover EPOS devices including Flex, Station Duo, Mini, Mobile, and Station.

With the Future Ticketing Ticket Store App, you can access all the functionality of your Future Ticketing dashboard through Clover.

Within the Ticket Store app which can be downloaded from the Clover App Market, Users have an easy to use interface which directly links back to your Future Ticketing dashboard. 

Users can Sell, Redeem, Reprint and Collect barcoded tickets. These Tickets are printed straight from the device reducing queues and workload on event day.

Users can also limit access to ticket types or events using user permissions. For customers this ensures a quick and easy purchase on event day. For users, as an API integrated solution, all transactions will feed directly into the Future Ticketing dashboard allowing for a single source of transaction reporting and capacity management.

Four clicks from start of sale to payment

Use your Future Ticketing dashboard to initiate a live-chat with one of our skilled representatives David, James, Sasha or Veronica. Our staff are vastly experienced in running events so we know your queries need to be answered quickly and efficiently at any time of the day or night. Book a demo

Access the client support portal 24/7/365 on your dashboard, which contains a trove of knowledge based articles,FAQs, videos and tutorials to guide you through all aspects of our ticketing system and event queries and challenges.These are updated regularly and include any new developments or additional features to the system.

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As a client of Future Ticketing, your dedicated Client Success Manager is on hand from the start to help you with your initial implementation and set-up. They can provide advice and information about the best ways to use the system and work with you to grow your business, generate additional revenues and improve your fan and customer engagement. In recent years our clients have seen an average increase in sales by 15% during their first year with us, and a 80% increase in digital/online sales.

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Clients using the Ticket Store App