Irish Jaguar and Daimler Club

“Our event is quite complex in that we have family tickets, single day tickets, memberships, commemorative plates and a variety of entrant’s tickets to name some of the items that are on sale. We use  an  extra field to gather the additional details from entrants in relation to their car and their club.

We work with Future Ticketing to manage sales in advance of the event and also control access on the day. 

Future Ticketing staff are very informed on the system, friendly, knowledgeable and willing to advise in any way they can. Their  staff are a credit to the company and really are a differentiator between Future Ticketing and their multi-national competitors.

We know the people there are genuinely interested in our event and want it to do well. Together we work to ensure all our customers have a great day from purchasing their ticket through scanning on entry to collecting their momentoes.”

Brendan Mc Coy, Irish Jaguar and Daimler Club


The Irish Jaguar and Daimler Club was founded in 1980 by a group of enthusiasts for Jaguars, Daimlers and SS marques.

For over 20 years the Club has organised Ireland’s largest car show which hosts up to 1,500 classic and vintage vehicles from as far afield as the US and Australia.

Held in the beautiful grounds of Terenure College in Dublin each July the show has become the highlight of the Irish motoring scene and raises substantial funds for its nominated charities.

While the Club is centred around classic cars the organisers have understood the benefits of using the latest technology,  particularly regarding their online presence and access management systems.

The annual event has a variety of complex tickets types that can be easily set-up and managed within the Future Ticketing platform. These include:

  • Single day Tickets
  • Membership discounts
  • Commemorative plates
  • Family tickets

Some of these require additional information away from straightforward ticket buying. Future Ticketing’s ‘Extra Fields’ functionality allows you to ask and gather bespoke information for individual ticket types.

On-line advance sales allows the organisers to gather information, such as mentioned above, but also provides the opportunity to contact customers with information about the event in advance, cutting down on queues on the day, and allowing for planning in terms of staff, security etc.

The Future Ticketing platform also provides access and capacity management. Scanners (able to work on 3/4/5G or wifi) are used on the day of the event. You can create barcodes for each ticket type that can be location limited, to ensure guests are entering the site at the right place, and re-directed if need be. All barcodes can only be scanned once cutting down  on fraud.

Real-time information from the scanners can be viewed by the organisers allowing them to re-organise staffing if needed and monitoring capacity. 

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