Contour Exhibitions is the organiser of the Westcountry Equine Fair Exeter and the Westcountry Game Fair, in Somerset

Contour Exhibitions & Events

Contour events is a UK based events company which manages the Westcountry Equine Fair (Exeter), Great Shires Game Fair (Worcestershire) and the West of England Game Fair (Somerset).

Locating a ticketing company that could follow brand guidelines of three separate events, websites and also access control at various locations was a difficult task for Contour Events, until they met Future ticketing. 

Our embed code and ability to display events, webpages and etickets all to follow brand guidelines of each show allowed each show to take centre stage. 

For some of the shows, the biggest challenge was to scan tickets in real time across multiple entrances on a remote site with limited connectivity. On the day of the event tickets were scanned live via laser scanners. Following the introduction of Future Ticketing, pre-event sales grew exponentially making on the day cash management safer and easier.

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