Coventry Rugby


“I’ve been very impressed working with the Future Ticketing team. I’ve been in sport for a long time but was still pleasantly surprised by some of the features which their system has which I’ve not seen elsewhere, such as the ability to embed individual events within website pages, such as match tickets on team announcements and Rugby Camps into the community section. This reduces the number of clicks needed to book and streamlines the booking process.

Future Ticketing’s team have listened to our requests and have tried to implement these as quickly as they can. Above all, we wanted a ticketing system which was easy for customers to use and staff to administer.. Future Ticketing has ticked both those boxes and we’re enjoying working with them.”

Chris Wearmouth, Marketing and Communications Manager

Coventry Rugby is a Championship club, in English rugby. In 2019 they began to look at investing in a new ticketing system to improve the overall administration of their commercial operations.

They needed a ticketing platform that:

  • allowed sales on-line and specifically mobile devices
  • would integrate with the Clubs website, providing a smooth customer journey
  • provided real-time live scanner reports on match days
  • required minimal upfront investment and a competitive commercial rate

Ahead of the first game of the next Season we had their system built and in the process migrating over 1000 Season Ticket Holders. The club opened that new season with a  move from unallocated general admission to allocated seating, with general admission standing.

As well as day-to-day ticketing operations, off-field and Community events such as Rugby Coaching Camps, fireworks display and Christmas pantomimes are also now booked via the Future Ticketing system. 

As we came out of Covid, the Club continues to use the developments available within the Future Ticketing system. For example, a priority renewal period for Season Ticket holders who wish to sit in the same seat as last season.

Since partnering with Future Ticketing, Coventry Rugby has seen both a significant increase in average crowds (up 10% in the Championship and 11% in the Championship Cup) and a significant swing in the proportions of tickets which are booked in advance compared to match days.

 In 2018/19 the average advance match day ratio was 20:80. By 2020, this had reversed to 70:30, giving the club more opportunity to plan match days catering, staffing and security in advance. 

Ready to make the move to Future Ticketing?

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