Dundee United

“Thanks to the hardwork and dedication from those in our Ticket Centre, United fans secured their seats for the Dundee fixture in record time, with the home allocation at Tannadice selling out in under 24 hours.

A startling 83% of home tickets sold were purchased online using the new ticketing system installed during the summer in a partnership with Future Ticketing.

This significant percentage shows the enhanced usability of the new system compared to previous seasons in which online sales accounted for less than 1% of sales at most matches.

Even taking a comparison to the August 30 derby earlier this season creates some fantastic variables. On that occasion, United fans again sold out their allocation – in eight days. Online sales for the above fixture were 34%.

Another astonishing fact; 317 supporters took the opportunity to secure their half-season ticket seat for the derby by purchasing ahead of the public sale date.”

Dundee United Football Club

Dundee United Football Club is one of Scottish professional football’s leading and most successful clubs.

They were looking for a new state of the art, flexible digital ticketing system capable of fulfilling a wide range of demands including:

  • enabling digital sales via their website
  • increasing mobile revenues
  • managing sophisticated membership requirements across season tickets and other channels
  • ensuring fast, safe and compliant access for large attendances at over 40 access locations around the stadium

Dundee United additionally had one key requirement. This was for a class leading open API allowing them to integrate their ticketing system with multiple partner systems such as Bleep PLC and MTC digital. These integrations allowed them to use the data collected from various points to create an invaluable single data view of their customers across retail and ticketing online and in the stadium. A further development of the API integration with MTC’s online shop meant that purchase baskets became shareable to include retail and ticket purchases in a single basket. 

Future Ticketing’s unique embed code with its customisable CSS style sheet allowed Dundee United to design an improved custom  ticketing purchase flow which ensured brand continuity and resulted in an increase in conversion rates.

Working with Future Ticketing the Dundee United team were particularly successful in converting traditional purchasers online and achieving the owners sought after goal of transforming their digital offer. This was immediately successful with a derby fixture against Dundee selling out in less than 24 hours with an increase in digital sales from 34% to 83%.

On match days Future Ticketing’s reporting system allows Dundee United Operations management team to view complete real-time data directly on their mobile devices, providing efficient and effective management of staffing, hospitality facilities, bars and retail outlets. This data is also analysed post event to understand in granular detail ticket usage across members, stakeholders, hospitality and public attendees. 

The Future Ticketing system has contributed significantly to Dundee United’s success in managing its fan base. For example, the flexibility of our Season Ticket function allows for auto renewal of seats and tier access rights.

In 2022, we continue to work with Dundee United helping them grow their revenues and fan base.

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