Galway Races

The legendary Galway Racecourse plays host to 13 race days annually including the Summer Festival which is internationally recognised as one of the greatest race meetings in the world.

Known locally as “Race Week” the Festival draws hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world.

In 2016, they began to look for a new best-in-class digital ticketing system capable of fulfilling their complex range of needs including:

  • enabling digital sales on-line
  • increasing on-line revenue sales including from mobile devices
  • facilitating detailed sales and finance reporting and analysis
  • ensuring smooth access and capacity control for events with large attendances at multiple locations around the racetrack
  • full branded integration with the venue website
  • ability to integrate into the ticketing platform other software already in use at Galway and introduce new integrations to facilitate smooth and efficient running of the business


Since partnering with Future Ticketing, Galway Races has been able to:

  • grow and retain its social and club group bookings in a very competitive environment
  • allow Galway management the ability to view complete live redemption data directly on their mobile devices. This live information allows for efficient and effective management of staffing, hospitality facilities, traffic management, safety and security.
  • maximise conversion rates thanks to Future Ticketing’s customised best in class 4-step purchase flow, which are tracked and adjusted to maximise return on marketing spend.
  • deepened brand experience for the customer, who throughout the buying journey never leave the Galway website



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