Gymnastics Ireland

“We’ve been working with Future Ticketing for almost 2 years now. Their platform has allowed us to facilitate online ticket sales for spectators for all of our national events which has permitted us to go cashless as a security measure during events while also making things more manageable from an administration perspective. The system has also been of great help as we are able to measure and analyse spectator data which we can use re planning for the future.”

Jess Mondragon, Digital Communications & Brand Manager Gymnastics Ireland



Future Ticketing worked with Gymnastics Ireland to complete their objectives and goals which were:

  • to ensure the customer purchase journey on-line was quick and easy
  • to provide a cashless event with on-line advance sales being digital and door sales being managed by contactless and card payments 

As a result of the success of the early events we worked on together, Gymnastics Ireland quickly rolled these out across all their ticketed events. 

The saw an increase in advance sales and sell out’s occurring before the day of events.

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