Outdoor screening of Braveheart at Trim Castle


On Saturday 13 August 2022, the residents of Trim will mark the 25th anniversary of ‘Braveheart’ with an open-air screening, as part of a full weekend of celebrations for the film, which used Trim for much of its location shooting, and put the town firmly on the ‘international tourism’ map.   

The screening is part of a fantastic weekend of entertainment including archery demonstrations, a pipe band concert, and a selection of market stalls.

Trim Tourism Network have partnered with Future Ticketing to provide an on-line box office for this event and also the Boyne Adventure Race taking place on 27 August 2022.   

For the Braveheart screening it was important to be able to offer different types of ticket including General Admission, Group discounts, Family Tickets, and complimentary tickets for sponsors etc.

Additionally they needed an access system that could scan the different ticket types and provide a simple and quick access and capacity management system.

The Future Ticketing platform was able to provide everything needed for this special one-off event:

  • Setting up events is quick and easy providing flexibility to set up different ticket types dependent on your need.
  • Ticket types that need different discount amounts can be set up attached to a single event. For example Group Tickets will require a different level of discount to a Family Ticket.
  • Advance booking on-line allows the organisers to contact their audience directly pre event with information such as travel, parking and refreshments which cuts down on issues on the day of the event.    
  • Future Ticketing scanners (which can run on 3/4/5G or wifi) are able to scan each particular ticket type. Each barcode can only be scanned once providing security against fraudulent tickets. Scanning information can be viewed in real time by the organisers on mobile devices.

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