Point to Point UK

“We are still very much in the infancy of our relationship with Future Ticketing, but what I can say with assurance is that the platform/dashboard has been designed in a way that it is very easy to use, and we can self-teach most things quickly.

The set up and support teams are fantastic and can quickly assist in solving any problems or queries. This gives us, the user, great confidence and peace of mind. Another great aspect is the number of reporting tools, which we have only just scratched the surface with. Options for data analysis are endless, but yet it is still quick and easy to find the stats we need.”

Adam Hurley, PR & Communications Executive, Point to Point UK

A Point-to-Point is a form of amateur horse racing over fences held at a variety of Point-to-Point racecourses throughout the UK. It’s a great day out in the countryside where people come together to enjoy the sport and to socialise.

In 2020 as the initial  implicationsof the Covid pandemic to live sport were becoming appararent, the Point-to-Point Authority UK was facing these challenges.

They needed a fully accountable, transparent and GDPR compliant system to manage all aspects of registration and ticketing while meeting the strict Covid 19 compliance regulations.

In June 2020 Future Ticketing was chosen as their ticketing partner to meet the exacting requirements that the organisation needed.

The flexibility of the Future Ticketing platform has allowed the association to successfully bring all stakeholders:  owners, trainers, jockeys, spectators and crucially all 150 racecourses under the same on-line sales  umbrella.

Previously individual members across the country would set up different meetings. With Future Ticketing, 2 members were appointed as ‘primary users’ and were trained to centrally manage this function for the whole association, saving the members thousands of hours of administration time, and ensuring full accountability and compliance.

Though set up centrally, each of the 150 venues can have a bespoke set-up. For example with individual capacities for the whole course and/or individual enclosures. Differing registration guidelines for each course can also be set-up. Crucially every event could now be sold from the same system  

The Future Ticketing platform has also facilitated The Point-to-Point Racing Authority UK being able to enhance its digital footprint by allowing sales and registration of events online on not only its own website but also on each individual venue website and on sponsors and partner websites.

During the Covid restrictions these events were among some of the most successful in the UK, all held in a safe and socially distanced environment. This was facilitated by Future Ticketing and the features of the system including data capture, creation of socially distanced venue maps to manage capacity, access control including temperature taking and pre or post event emails giving specific information. 


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